About Us

We are Antoine and Dalia, the duo behind Galactic Hunter. We are a married couple who take deep-sky photographs of space from the Nevada desert.
What started out as humble stargazing outings quickly turned into a love (or rather, an obsession) for astrophotography.
In 2015, we began a quest to capture all of the Messier objects. We started to catalog our progress on a YouTube channel with the same name (Galactic Hunter), and soon after, it became a passion project about teaching others to photograph Deep Sky Objects.
Our mission is, and has always been, to help amateur astrophotographers with imaging and making astrophotography easy for all. After many years in this hobby, it's our goal to reach the mainstream, and show the public (and the world) that astronomy is much more than the moon and a few stars - it's exciting and something you can make tangible with your own photographs.
We post all of our images, useful information, and tips on our website. Be sure to check it out!


If you have any questions about the prints, or need help ordering, please use the form below to contact us!